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Annapolis Home

By Sarah Hagerty
Did you ever wonder why there are so many outstanding homes in Anne Arundel County and on the Eastern Shore? It might be because we are blessed with a location that can only enhance a home’s merits. Or perhaps it’s because we are lucky enough to have been peopled by individuals with style and vision—both in our homeowners and the professionals who fulfilled their wishes...Read More


Our expert panel shares their window wisdom to achieve the perfect waterfront vista. “An architect, a builder and a window supplier walked into a waterfront home.”
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Raw & Refined

Home & Design

By Sharon Jaffe Dan
Wayne Andersen has long been an architecture buff and admirer of Frank Lloyd Wright. So it should come as no surprise that the physician, author and co-founder of Take Shape For Life, a healthy living program, had a few ideas of his own when he set out to build a new home near Annapolis to share with wife Lori and their two teenage daughters. “We love the water and are avid sailors,” says Andersen, who owns a 54-foot yacht. “It was my dream to keep the boat at my house...Read More



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Since 1995, we have been the premier supplier for new construction, historic renovation or replacement projects in the Maryland & DC Metro area.

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