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4 Indicators That You May Need New Windows

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Everyone knows when their air conditioning or plumbing isn’t working correctly, but how can a homeowner determine if they need new windows?

When most homeowners sink their teeth into spring cleaning, they likely give their windows a cursory wipe down and move on to other seemingly more important tasks. However, spring cleaning (and the rain that has accompanied the season this year) provides the perfect opportunity to assess the state of your home’s windows. Everyone knows when their air conditioning or plumbing isn’t working correctly, but how can a homeowner determine if they need new windows? Follow these 4 steps to assess the health of your home’s windows.

1. Open Your Windows

The first step is simple: open your windows. If your windows are painted shut or are otherwise difficult to open, it’s time for new windows. Wooden window frames can soak up moisture and swell, causing them to be difficult to open. Aluminum window frames do not swell with moisture, but they can still become challenging to operate over time. Opening or closing your windows should not be a chore. With all types of frames, this can be indicative of other problems with window function.

2. Examine After Rain

Examine your windows after rain. We’ve all seen a window that doesn’t close just right and leaves a tiny puddle on the floor after a good storm. It’s not a big deal, right? Wrong. Leaky windows can actually cause or be indicative of a fair amount of problems with not only your window frames but the rest of your home. When moisture is allowed into your home, it can seep into walls, floors, and furniture, which can spur the growth of harmful mold.

Something to look for on double-pane windows is condensation. Some condensation on windows is normal, but if condensation appears between the two panes of glass, you should replace them. This is a sign that the window’s seals have failed.

3. Check for Drafts

Check your windows for drafts. Hold a lit candle up to each corner of your windows and watch to see if the candle flickers excessively. If so, your windows are drafty. You can confirm this by looking at your energy bills. Leaky, drafty, or old windows can contribute to higher energy usage and heating and cooling costs.

4. Listen to Your Windows

Stand in front of your window and listen for cars. If you can hear them coming from far away or the noise is just too much, consider getting new windows. All windows transfer sound vibrations, but good energy efficient windows will absorb the sound before it gets inside.

If you’ve noticed issues with window function, do not hesitate to replace your windows. New windows can lower your energy bills, prevent serious water or mold damage to the inside of your house, and make the temperature of your home more comfortable.

Architectural Window Supply Can Help You Find the Perfect New Windows

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