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4 Popular Front Door Styles

4 Popular Front Door Styles

Curb appeal is attainable but installing a new front door!

Your front door says a lot about your home. It is usually one of the first things a passerby or guest will see when looking at it. If you are looking to obtain more curb appeal for your property, consider upgrading your front door! A brand new front door can completely change the look of your home. Many homeowners who wish to go this route are unsure which door style to choose. If you happen to fall into this category, here are four front door styles that have been popular in recent years!


If you are looking for a trendy look for your home, you may want to consider installing a modern-style front door. This style generally consists of straight lines and can be regarded as somewhat minimalistic. The hardware on modern front doors typically contains straight lines as well. Also, they tend to have square raised or blocked panels that contain frosted or translucent glass.


This style of front door has a very distinct appearance because of their curved design. Arched front doors do not work in every home. In most cases, they need to be special ordered. If you can incorporate an arched front door to your home, you should consider it. They can provide a home with a tremendous amount of charm.


If you are looking for a classic look for your home, then you are probably best off going with a traditional front door. In many cases, a traditional front door has raised panels. They are available in wood, metal, and fiberglass. Many front door options are already pre-hung and can easily be installed after you purchase them. However, there are also customizable options available for traditional front doors as well.


A rustic style front door can be a great addition to homes that have brick or stone exteriors. They may either be rectangular or arched in shape. Compared to other styles of doors, they are somewhat thick, and the hardware tends to be on the bigger side. Also, the panels on rustic doors tend to be raised.

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