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4 Reasons to Install Phantom Screens this Summer

Phantom Screens

Here are four reasons to install Phantom Screens on your home’s windows or doors this summer.

It may be July already, but there is still a lot of muggy, sticky summer weather to get through before things cool down in the fall. While it might be tempting to leave your home’s windows open to get some fresh air, many traditional window and door screens have flaws that create a cumbersome user experience, leave homeowners with obstructed views, or let bugs into the house. Phantom Screens are a type of window and door screen that are retractable and fit any kind of door or window to ensure that insects, prying eyes, and even sunlight are kept out of your home. Here are four reasons to install Phantom Screens on your home’s windows or doors this summer.

1. Keeps Bugs Out

Leaving windows open to get a breeze flowing through your home is a good idea in theory, but insects like stink bugs, may beetles, and mosquitoes can sneak their way in around ill-fitting screens. Phantom Screens can be installed to fit perfectly onto almost any window or door, and their special mesh retention system keeps the screen from being blown out of the frame. There are three types of Phantom Screen mesh, and all three are designed to keep bugs out of your home.

2. Provides Shade and Privacy

Unlike some other window or door screens, Phantom Screens come with three different mesh options. The widest mesh is designed to keep bugs out, the medium-width mesh protects from bugs and can reduce heat and glare from the sun by 75%, and the tightest mesh blocks 100% of UV rays and protects against prying eyes.

3. Energy Efficient

For many people, the summer months bring a steep rise in energy bills due to cooling costs. With Phantom Screens, you can leave your windows open to catch a breeze without worrying about bugs flying into your home. If you decide that you do need to turn on the air conditioning, leaving the mesh screens down will provide sun protection that can keep your home cooler, decreasing your need for cooling.

4. High Visibility

One of the most attractive features of Phantom Screens is their superior visibility. Unlike traditional screens, Phantom Screens retract fully into a small housing at the edge of your window when not in use. This leaves your view completely unobstructed.

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