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4 Window Safety Tips For Parents

4 Window Safety Tips For Parents

Use these tips to keep your children safe around your home’s windows!

Every parent needs to appreciate that window safety is a real concern and not something that should ever be taken lightly. If you have young children in your household, it is crucial to implore a variety of window safety precautions to help ensure that your child remains safe. Keep reading and discover just a few window safety tips that you can use to keep your children safe!

Don’t Rely On Your Window Screens

Many people consider their window screens to be a safety barrier for their children. Under no circumstance should you ever rely on your screens to be a safety device. Their purpose is to allow fresh inside your home, as well as prevent insects from coming inside. They will not prevent a child from falling outside. A small child can easily fall through a window screen or cause it to pop out if they push on it. With that said, never allow a young child to be alone in a room with an open window and only a screen separating your child from the outdoors. There should always be supervision around an open window.

Plant Soft Shrubs Outside Of Windows

As an added window safety measure, if your child does somehow manage to fall through one of your windows, you have some cushion at the base. A soft shrub could help to catch your child’s fall and limit their injuries.

Always Lock Windows

Many parents make the mistake of neglecting to lock their home’s windows. As soon as you close a window, you should immediately lock it to help prevent your children from opening them. Better yet, you can install window wedges or guards to prevent your children from attempting to open your windows. The more challenging you make your windows to open, the safer your children will be.

Keep Your Children Away From Windows

If possible, try to keep your children away from windows. Try to keep changing tables, cribs, and playpens, a safe distance away from a window. You also need to be mindful of furniture that is placed near your home’s windows. By having a chair placed near a tall window you could entice your child to climb on top of it to reach the window ledge.

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