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4 Window Styles and Their Benefits

4 Window Styles and Their Benefits

Have you considered all of your window options?

Do you need new windows for your home? Did you know how many styles are available today? Whether you are looky something classy, modern, or traditional, there is a style of window available for you! Here are four excellent window styles for your consideration!

Bay Windows

Bay windows are 3 or more angled windows that project outward from an outside wall. They can be a stylish option that will provide the homeowner with all sorts of benefits. To begin, they will provide a home with a decent amount of natural light. This is because light can enter through a variety of angles. Next, bay windows will make a room appear bigger because the windows project outward. Lastly, they will provide your home with more functional space and should increase the value of your home because they are a unique feature.

Bow Windows

Do you know the difference between bay windows and bow windows? These two styles are commonly mistaken for one another; however, there are some significant differences. A bay window usually has three openings, whereas a bay window tends to have 4 or 5. Generally speaking, bow windows allow more natural light to enter the room because there are more glass panes than bay windows. A bow’s window is also curved and can be wrapped around the corner of the building. The benefit in that being it allows the homeowner to have a view from two sides of the home.

Casement Windows

Quite possibly the most significant benefit of casement windows is that they can be opened further than any other style of window. If you are someone who relies on cross ventilation in their home, these are an excellent option for you. Casement windows can actually catch side breezes! They are also tough to break into, which provides a home with an additional layer of security.


These style of windows extend away from the house. In many cases, there is an interior shelf that can be used for herbs and plants. Garden windows permit a tremendous amount of sunlight to shine through.They also can improve the exterior of your home because they will provide it with a 3-dimensional look!

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