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5 Advantages of Single Hung Windows

5 Advantages of Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows have one lock and one way of opening.

If you’re thinking about switching out the windows in your home, single hung windows can be a great option. Single hung windows, which differ from other windows in how they open, open vertically from only the bottom sash.  For this reason, single hung windows use no interior space. There are many varieties to choose from, and in addition to the selection, there are five advantages to single hung windows to consider.

1: Security

Single hung windows have one lock and one way of opening. Since they only open in one direction, their locking system has less of a chance of failing, and you’re more likely to remember to lock your windows with only one lock, making single hung windows the more secure option.

2: Save Energy

Single hung windows have less room for air infiltration as time passes and your windows age, due to the fact that they only move in one direction. This will make them more energy efficient than the alternatives as they age. Replacing your windows with single hung windows will also increase their efficiency due to the energy efficient glass, frames, and insulation. The better insulated your windows are, the less you’ll spend on heating and cooling costs throughout the year, and the less risk you’ll have of moisture entering your home and creating problems with mold, mildew, and more.

3. Save Space

Since single hung windows don’t open outward or take up any interior space, they can add significant sunlight and breeze to a room without sacrificing square footage. This will allow your space to feel bigger in smaller rooms like bathrooms or guest rooms, as well as tight, high traffic spaces like hallways and entryways.

4. Save Money

While the cost of a window depends on more than how they function, and different manufacturers and materials will cost different amounts, single hung windows are generally more affordable due to the fact that there are fewer moving parts to them.

5. Versatility

In terms of function, single hung windows are fairly simple, moving in only one direction. However, there are tons of shapes, trims, and finishes to choose from in order to match the windows to your personal style. Shapes for your single hung windows include eyebrow (which have a curved edge), arches (rounded in a half-circle at the top of the frame), gothic (sharply arched windows rather than rounded ones), and a number of special geometric shapes, all of which make it easy for you to personalize your upgraded windows for your home!

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