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5 Different Kinds Of Window Glass

5 Different Kinds Of Window Glass

What kind of window glass are you considering for your home?

Glass windows can do wonders for your home. Many people are unaware that there are several types of window glass available to choose from. They each are designed for a specific purpose and some look different than others. Depending on your location and what your needs are, there is a kind of window glass that is right for you. Here are 5 different types of window glass that you should consider adding to your home.

Gas Filled Windows

These windows are perfect for homeowners who are struggling with energy efficiency. The gas inside of these windows provides insulation that will reduce heat loss inside of your home. You will end up saving money on your heating bill if you were to get these windows installed in your home.

Heat Absorbing Tinted Glass

This style of window has a glaze layer that traps heat. In addition, these windows will change colors when heat is absorbed. These windows are also a great option if you are looking for additional privacy and security for your home.

Reflective Glass

If you live in a hot and sunny state, reflective glass is a great option for your home. This is because it will reduce solar radiation. It is also a popular choice because it is visually stunning and offers a lot of design flexibility.

Insulated Windows

When it comes to energy efficiency, these are one of the best window glass options. The hot summer months and the frigid winter season will be a lot more bearable. In addition, they act as good sound barriers from the noise outside.

Impact Resistant Glass

If you are concerned about the possibility of your windows shattering, impact glass resistant is your best bet. If you live in a state like Florida that experiences hurricanes regularly, you will be much safer with this style of window glass. Impact resistant glass is also great for security from intruders.

Beautify Your Home With New Windows

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