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5 Reasons for Replacement Windows this Summer

replacement windows

Let the summer sun’s heat into your home only when you want it, thanks to replacement windows.

Hey, remember how Maryland summers can get absurdly hot and humid at a moment’s notice? If you’ve blocked it from your memory or if you’re new in town, you’re in for a treat in a few months. If those memories aren’t enough to send you scrambling for new replacement windows to keep the heat out of your house, maybe these five reasons will convince you.

Beat the Heat

To expand a little on that introduction, replacement windows can make leaps and bounds in the way of keeping your home cool in the summer. As windows age, their structure and insulation wear down, making them liable to become drafty or simply less adequate at maintaining indoor temperatures. Replacement windows with multi-pane glass, fresh edge seals, and other insulative technologies will keep the summer heat out while keeping your air conditioning in. That sounds like a recipe for…

Sweet Savings

All that heating and cooling that’s flowing free out of your old, drafty windows is pretty much just money flowing free out of your wallet and into your energy company’s pocket. Rather than blasting the AC to its fullest extent, choose replacement windows that can optimize your cooling unit’s efficiency. Mother nature will thank you for using less energy, too. That’s a recipe for…

Vaulted Value

Aside from saving on energy costs, replacement windows also provide an aesthetic value that will boost your home’s curb appeal. That’s great to enjoy for yourself, and even greater if you might be looking to sell in the near future. Tell prospective home buyers to keep their paws off for now though, because you’ve also got…

Security Sense

Old and worn down windows are much easier for potential burglars to break, either by breaking the glass or the lock (if there even is a lock). Newer windows offer security features like shatter-resistant glazing and advanced lock technology. Your family will be a lot safer, including…

Uncle Sam Says Thanks

That one was kind of a stretch, but you have to admit that the first few were pretty sneaky. Anyway. The energy efficiency you gain from replacement windows will likely make you eligible for federal tax credits up to $500!


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