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5 Signs That Your Home Is Overdue For New Windows

Three Common Window Myths

Invest in new windows this winter season!

Many homeowners are long overdue for a new set of windows and just don’t know it! Windows are a crucial aspect to any home. They have a major impact on the appearance of your home and should help to keep it insulated throughout the year. If you are unsure if you should replace your home’s windows, continue reading and discover a few signs that should let you know that your home is overdue for this kind of upgrade!

They Stick When They Open

Functional windows should not stick when you are trying to open them. In other words, there should not be a wrestling match every time you want to let some fresh air into your home. If it not uncommon for windows to begin to stick after several years because repeated openings often lead to cracks in the window frames.

The Glass Becomes Foggy

If you have old double-paned windows, you may have noticed that your windows sometimes become foggy. This is the result of condensation that is trapped between the panes. Also, it could mean that there is a leaking an important gas that is responsible for the energy-efficiency in your home. Without this gas, you are likely facing higher energy bills throughout the year.

You Have Drafty Spots Inside Your Home

Most people hate walking into a drafty room. In many cases, drafty rooms are not caused by your home’s vents, but from your old windows. Your windows should prevent the outside wind from entering your home. Your windows should not be the reason why you can enjoy a nice and toasty home this winter season.

They Are Over A Decade Old

Most types of windows do not last forever. After ten years, you should assess the condition of your windows to see if you are need of new ones.

You Have Cracking In Your Window Frame

Cracks are a clear sign that you are in need of new windows for your home. Cracking not only looks bad but it affects insulation and allows insects an entry point into your home. If you want to keep the creepy crawlies out, new windows should be in your future in 2019.

Architectural Window Supply Can Help With All Your Window and Door Needs

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