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Are Aluminum or Vinyl Windows Best For My Maryland Home?

Are vinyl or aluminum windows best for your home?

Typically, the best window choices are boiled down to aluminum, vinyl, or custom wood. This week we’ll take a look at two of our most popular window materials: vinyl and aluminum. Which is the best window material for your home? Let’s take a look.

The Aesthetic of Your Home

Vinyl windows are economical and practical, however, they simply lack the architectural qualities of aluminum or wood windows. Aluminum clad windows tend to be a better choice if the aesthetic is of the homeowner’s top concern.


Both aluminum and vinyl windows require minimal maintenance due to their strength and durability. Aluminum clad windows with wooden interiors may need to be re-finished over time while vinyl windows will not. With simple cleaning, vinyl windows can retain their appearance for years to come.

Aluminum frames can become susceptible to corrosion over time if the home is located on waterfront property. Simply coat the windows with a corrosion-resistant paint!

Energy Efficiency

Windows are only as efficient as their installation. An expensive, “energy efficient” window is still going to allow more hot/cold air to escape if the installation process is not completed correctly.

That being said, metal conducts more heat than vinyl – which means that the material is typically less energy efficient. Even though today’s aluminum windows incorporate a number of energy efficient features, vinyl windows with comparable features will often provide greater energy efficiency.

Beautify Your Home With New Windows

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