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Casement Windows: Everything You Need to Know

Casement Windows: Everything You Need to Know

Do you have questions about casement windows? Read on and learn everything you need to know.

When you dive into the wide world of windows, you will likely learn many interesting factoids about different window types, features, and materials. Casement windows are ubiquitous in many styles of architecture, and they can be an excellent option for your home. Do you have questions about casement windows? Read on and learn everything you need to know. If you still have questions, contact the team at Architectural Window Supply!

Where Should You Use Casement Windows?

One of the reasons that casement windows are so popular is that they have a wide variety of applications. While they can be used in many different settings, there are a few places where casement windows truly excel. Because casement windows open outward and project away from the building, they are typically used in areas with ample space surrounding the structure. If your home has an attached shed, nearby trees, or any other objects in close proximity, alternatives like double-hung windows might be superior. However, these windows really shine in places that are hard to reach. They are popular for use above sinks and furniture, and they make awkward or hard-to-reach windows incredibly easy to use.

What Types of Casement Windows Are There?

There are many different types of these windows, and there are plenty of features for homeowners to consider. A healthy majority of casement windows use a crank and other hardware that allows them to open, but push-out casement windows are also popular. In these windows, a simple latch holds the sash closed. When unlocked, homeowners simply push out the sash to open it. Double or French casement windows are a popular configuration in which two casement windows are installed side-by-side, with both windows opening from the center. Although casement windows often swing outward, they can also be installed so that the sashes swing into the home.

Why Should You Choose Casement Windows?

Because they have so many available features and can be used in a variety of places, casement windows are ideal for nearly every home. Their easy-to-use hardware makes these windows an excellent option for folks with limited arm movement or difficulty using other types of doors. Casement windows can be customized with different materials, finishes, and glass types to suit your home and aesthetic taste. If you are considering installing new casement windows, doors, or replacement windows, talk to the experts at Architectural Window Supply.

Architectural Window Supply Can Help You Find the Perfect New Windows and Doors

If you are ready for professionally installed new windows or doors at a competitive and honest rate, Architectural Window Supply is ready to help! We have been working for over 20 years at giving business owners and homeowners gorgeous windows and incomparable customer service. For more information on our services, give us a call at (410) 266-5254 or visit us online. For more tips and tricks for getting the most out of your windows, follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Houzz.

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