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Cleaning Different Types of Window Frames

Cleaning your windows is an important part of your home maintenance. But cleaning your window glass is only half of the process. It is important to clean the entire window…which includes the window frame, as well. Still, countless homeowners neglect their window frames. And, as a result, windows become dirty and ugly over the time.

Cleaning the Different Types of Window Frames

Wooden Window Frames: Wooden window frames provide an aesthetic appeal that is just not matched by other window frame materials. But these frames also require extra maintenance, including cleaning.

  1. Clean the frame by vacuum cleaner using hose attachment to remove all the dirt
  2. Then use mild dish soap and clean with a sponge
  3. And don’t forget to polish

Vinyl Window Frames: One of the best things about vinyl windows is that they are easily cleaned.

  1. Clean vinyl windows with liquid detergent
  2. Put a small amount of liquid detergent in water and clean with soft cloth
  3. Move the cloth in circular motion and then rinse with plain water
  4. You can remove any water spots using oil

Aluminum Window Frames: While aluminum windows are not hard to clean, they do get dirty fairly quickly.

  1. Dust the frame with a piece of cloth or a feather dust
  2. Vacuum away all the derbies and dirt
  3. Mix a quarter cup of ammonia into one cup water to make a cleaning solution
  4. Put this cleaning solution in a spray bottle
  5. Spray cleaning solution on the aluminum from a distance
  6. Wipe away stains with a soft cloth
  7. Rinse with plain water

Remember, clean windows make your home much more aesthetically appealing.

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