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Cleaning Double-Hung Windows in 4 Easy Steps

Cleaning Double-Hung Windows in 4 Easy Steps

Pay attention to these four areas when cleaning to preserve the life of your double-hung windows for years to come.

Double-hung windows are incredibly easy to clean compared to some other types, but there are still a few things that homeowners tend to miss. Window tracks, weep holes, window frames, and more must be properly cleaned and maintained for your windows to function as they should. Clogged weep holes and dirty tracks can cause your windows to leak or degrade over time. Pay attention to these four areas when cleaning to preserve the life of your double-hung windows for years to come.

Clean Both Sides

Cleaning the glass panes in double-hung windows is exceptionally easy. While other types of windows often require ladders to reach the outside, many double-hung windows are specially designed to provide easy access to both sides of the glass from the inside of your home. These easy-to-clean windows have sashes that tilt inward. Simply lift and tilt the sash inward, cleaning the front and back of the glass with your favorite window cleaner. Double-hung windows are one of the few window types that allow you to clean both sides of the glass from the comfort and safety of your home.

Clear Your Weep Holes

Many windows have drainage holes along the bottom of the frame. These drains, called “weep holes,” prevent water from filling the tracks of your window and overflowing into your home. If your window’s tracks fill with water during heavy rain, you likely have blocked weep holes. Debris, caulking, and paint can all cause clogs. To clear your weep holes, locate them along the bottom of your window frame. Next, use a brush, a small stick, or a cotton swab to poke through the hole and clear any obstruction.

Remove Debris from Window Tracks

Dirt, dust, and debris can fill the track of a window and make it difficult to use. If you have never cleaned your window tracks, they are likely in dire need of a good scrub. Start with a dry brush, loosening and removing as much dust as possible. Next, wipe up the debris with a damp rag or vacuum hose with a brush attachment. Clean your window tracks regularly to ensure smooth opening and closing. Clean, dry tracks are essential for the health of your windows, particularly if you have wood frames.

Wipe Down Your Window Sill and Frame

While they may seem relatively clean compared to window tracks and weep holes, you must also clean your window sills and frames. Potted plants, knick-knacks, and more can leave stains on your window sills. Dirt and debris can cause unsightly marks or blemishes, and a clean frame is less likely to fall into a state of disrepair, especially for wood frames.

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