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Common Misconceptions About Replacement Windows

Homeowners have hundreds of misconceptions about replacement windows. Below, we have outlined the top four misconceptions that typically keep people from enjoying the benefits of new windows. These include:

1. U-Value is the MOST important factor when determining the energy efficiency of windows: First of all, let’s explain what U-value is. It is defined as the measurement of the amount of heat transfer through the window. So, the lower the U-value, the less heat that will be transferred through the window.

While U-value is an important factor for determining window energy efficiency, it is still only one of many factors to consider. Others include:

• Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)

• Visible light transmittance

• The climate you live

• And more!

2. Vinyl Windows are the only way to go: Wrong again. While vinyl remains the most popular material for replacement window frames, there are still other very capable options out there. These options include:

• Clad/wood windows: These windows have a clad exterior, usually vinyl or aluminum that protect the windows from the elements, and a wood interior to keep with the look of your existing windows.

• Fiberglass: With thermal properties similar to wood – the best insulator available – fiberglass is also stronger than both vinyl and aluminum.

3.Replacement Windows require extensive home renovations: Most window installations can be completed within two days without ever disturbing the existing structure of the home.

4. Anyone can install a new window: This is probably the biggest misconception most homeowners have about replacement windows. Installing windows is an acquired skill that should be left to the professionals. Remember, you will only benefit from the energy efficiency of a replacement window if it is installed correctly.

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4 Misconceptions About Replacement Windows

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