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What to Consider When Purchasing Replacement Windows

replacement windows

Buying replacement windows isn’t exactly the same as buying new windows.

If your windows are old, damaged, or less than energy efficient, it may be time to consider replacement windows. In fact, replacing your windows with energy conserving double pane windows can take a chunk out of your heating and cooling bills and add value and curb appeal to your home. Some opt for new windows and others for replacement windows. This choice depends on the needs of the homeowner. Both offer different sets of advantages and are ideal in different situations. Both decisions involve a lot of careful consideration and research. Here is some helpful information which will help you decide whether you need new windows or replacement windows for your home.

New Windows

New windows are generally installed when homeowners decide that it is time to drastically change the shape or size of their windows and put entirely different and new windows in their place. If you are looking for more natural light to be let in, for example, this is a solid option. This often requires a contractor to handle the complete installation and carpentry aspects of the project. While new windows generally do not cost more than replacement, the additional labor definitely adds to costs. However, with this choice you have the option to drastically improve and alter the aesthetics and energy friendliness of your home inside and out.

Replacement Windows

Installing replacement windows is a different process. It involves removing the old windows and leaving the surrounding trim or frame alone. Replacement windows are designed to fit right into the replacement opening. While they cost about the same as new windows, the lessened labor costs mean that you pay less overall. If the frame or trim of your windows is still in great condition and suits you, your lifestyle, tastes, and the rest of your home, this is the best option.

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