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Do I Need Replacement Windows?

Replacement Windows

Let’s take a look at a few of the signs that you may need to make an appointment for replacement windows sooner rather than later.

There’s an important question that most homeowners have to answer as their house ages; do I need replacement windows?

If you’re at the point where you’re asking that, then you are probably in the market for replacements. Let’s take a look at a few of the signs that you may need to make an appointment for replacement windows sooner rather than later.

A Need for Window Replacements

There are going to be some obvious signs you need window replacements, but there are going to be some not so obvious signs. It may sound strange, but older windows can cause your carpets, furniture, drapes and artwork to start fading away. Older windows have a harder time preventing ultraviolet rays from ruining the objects in your home, and the rays will really take a tool on your furniture and artwork.

Lower Your Heating Bill with Replacement Windows

Windows can account for 10-25% of your heating bill. If the window is older, it’s going to let out more air and cost you more to run your heating throughout your house. With replacement windows, however, you can cut down on that cost. Replacement windows are an initial investment that can save you money down the road. Even if you don’t notice it right away, you’ll know you need replacement windows if you see your heating bill look larger than it should be.

Rotted Stills and Frames

A true telltale sign of needing replacement windows is when the frames and stills are rotted out. It may seem like too much of a hassle to get things fixed, but larger heating bills and other issues are going to be waiting for you. If you need  replacement windows, make sure you work with an expert.

Maryland’s Source for Replacement Windows

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