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Fast Facts About Low E Glass

low e glass energy efficient windows

Your old windows are practically letting money fly out the window while your air conditioning struggles to keep up this summer.

June is here, and with it comes the blanket of heat and humidity that will cover Maryland for the next three months or so. That means that, until late October, your home is going to be an air-conditioned safe haven. Many people don’t realize that their windows are key contributors to their home’s ability to maintain a comfortable temperature without sending the energy bill skyrocketing. If you’re on the search for some energy-efficient window solutions this summer, take a second to digest these fast facts about Low Emissivity Glass (or Low E Glass).

First…What is Low E Glass?

An important first question, we suppose. At bare bones, Low E Glass reflects heat back to its source. The glass is coated with microscopically thin layers of metal glazing that redirect heat, preventing heat from entering your home during the summer and keeping it inside during the winter. It does this without hindering the amount of light coming in.

How Does Low E Glass Work in Summer?

That super-thin metal glazing that we mentioned blocks infrared light from the sun’s light spectrum. Infrared light is radiant heat, so it makes sense that filtering out infrared rays will prevent unwanted heat gain and thereby leave your home nice and cool.

Benefits of Low E Glass

  • Save Money and Save the World.  In the summer, Low E Glass keeps your interiors cool, so your air conditioning unit doesn’t have to work as hard or consume as much energy. The opposite (or same, depending how you look at it) applies in winter as well, as heat loss is reduced by approximately 40% with Low E windows.


  • Stay Comfy and Cozy. Those benefits mentioned above also keep you more comfortable in your house year round, which is always a plus.
  • Low Risk of Condensation. The coating keeps the inner window panes similar to room temperature, preventing condensation. We learned all about condensation on windows last week, so you surely know why we’re glad to avoid that. Click through and give it a read if you missed it.
  • Protect Against Fading. Those infrared rays that are responsible for heat gain are also responsible for fading furniture, carpets, curtains, and hardwood.



Our friends at Weather Shield have developed an awesome product in their Zo-e-shield Glass Solutions, and we can’t recommend it enough. If you’re looking to boost your home’s comfort and energy efficiency this summer, feel free to give us a call to get your project started.

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