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Glide Into Summer With New Sliding Glass Doors

sliding glass doors

Here are three reasons why sliding glass doors are the perfect exterior door solution for your home.

Summer is almost here, and that means that the doors of your home will be working overtime. We all want to enjoy the beautifully warm weather outside, but when it gets too hot or rainy, we expect our doors and windows to protect us and our homes from the elements. If your patio door has been put through its paces by reckless kids, severe weather, or time, it might be time to replace it. Sliding glass doors are an attractive option for frequently-used areas of your home, and they provide unmatched visibility, excellent weather protection, and effortless operation. Here are three reasons why sliding glass doors are the perfect exterior door solution for your home.

1. Incomparable Visibility

If eyes are the windows to the soul, sliding glass doors are the windows to your yard. Unlike many other types of doors, sliding glass doors offer a nearly unobstructed view of what is on the other side. This means that you can watch your kids romp in the heat from the comfort of your climate-controlled home, or view snow falling serenely while staying cozy and warm inside. In addition, sliding glass doors can make small rooms seem larger by allowing natural light in and creating the illusion of more space.

2. Weather Protection

Some folks make the mistake of avoiding sliding glass doors due to their perception that solid, hinged doors are the only type suitable for any kind of weather protection. While the amount of weather protection offered from any door can vary by model, many doors are tested and evaluated to see what kind of conditions they can withstand safely. Contact a local door and window professional to see which sliding glass doors would work best in your climate.

3. Simple Operation

The hallmark of any good door is an easy and enjoyable user experience. No door, regardless of material, should be a hassle to use. Some homeowners avoid sliding glass doors because they’ve encountered doors in the past that have been heavy or difficult to slide. While some older models can certainly be tricky, door manufacturers have come up with new ways to optimize the performance of their products, including making them lighter and easier to use. Some newer models even forego traditional design and suspend the door panels by the top of the panel rather than having the panels sit with their full weight on a track.

Architectural Window Supply Can Help You Find the Perfect New Windows and Doors

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