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Going Green with Environmentally Friendly Windows

Environmentally Friendly Windows

Choose replacement windows that save the environment and your wallet!

We’ve written in the past about how choosing the right replacement windows can help save energy and save you money on your energy bills, but that’s only half the story. When it comes to choosing replacement windows, you should pick some that do their part to help save the environment as well as save you money. When it comes to environmentally friendly windows, here are a few thoughts.

Looking into the Glass

It makes sense that the most important part of a window is the glass. In and of itself, glass is fairly harmless to the environment, made from sand. But when you’re choosing environmentally friendly windows this spring, simply saying, “glass, please,” won’t cut it. You have to choose between single, double, and triple-paned windows, each offering increasing levels of insulation. Better insulation means less energy wasted to heat or cool a home, and less natural resources wasted to produce that heating or cooling. Double-paned windows are the best of both worlds where insulation meets cost, but if you can afford the price hike, the insulation hike with triple-paned will give even better results.

Framing Excellence

There are generally four materials window frames can be made from: wood, metal, vinyl, and fiberglass — plus composites made from combinations thereof. Of these, wood is far and away the most environmentally friendly option due to their production. Naturally harvested, locally and sustainably sourced, real-life wood will give you the greenest footprint for replacement windows. Just make sure they’re well built and sealed from water to prevent mold damage!

Fiberglass comes next, boasting longevity, strength, and insulation. Fiberglass is less energy-intensive to manufacture compared to other materials like vinyl, but aren’t easily recyclable.

Vinyl and metal round out the bottom of this list for various reasons. Metal is cheap and easily recyclable, but doesn’t offer much in the way of insulation. Vinyl is also cheap, and beats metal in insulation, but has the worst environmental impact by far. Vinyl is like poison to the environment, both in manufacturing and in disposal.

As a happy coincidence, one of the best environmentally friendly window properties is in insulation. What saves you money on your energy bills also saves Mother Nature resources on her “the-human-race” bills. Next time you’re choosing replacement windows, keep Mother Nature in mind.

Choosing Environmentally Friendly Windows with Architectural Window Supply

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