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JELD-WEN Spotlight: Featured in HGTV Dream Home 2016

jeld-wen hgtv dream home

JELD-WEN holds the keys to dream homes — both yours and HGTV’s!

We interrupt our educational series on architectural windows because we’re really in the big time now! One of our lovely partners, JELD-WEN architectural window and door supplier has had their outstanding craftsmanship, wide variety of styles, and game-changing designs featured in this year’s HGTV Dream Home in sunny Merritt Island, Florida. The 3-bedroom, 5-bathroom waterfront oasis features multiple JELD-WEN products. Read on to learn more.

Custom Clad-Wood Windows and Patio Doors

Crafted from top-of-the-line materials, and with an innovative eye for design, JELD-WEN brings life and vibrancy to the HGTV Dream Home with custom windows and patio doors. Built with AuraLast®, JELD-WEN’s construction uses a water-based, vacuum/pressure process to create materials that have surface-to-core protection against weather and insect damage. These custom fittings provide gorgeous, picturesque views of the Florida landscape and make the home look beautiful inside and out, all while keeping you comfortable and sound.

Aurora® Custom Fiberglass Doors

Essentially indistinguishable from real wood that would be vulnerable to Florida humidity, and featuring a deep, rich woodgrain look, this is quite literally the doorway into the home of your dreams. Hand-carved designs and accents, and custom shapes, sizes, and finishes make these doors remarkably beautiful, and of utmost quality. This low-maintenance solution will welcome your guests and your life with open arms. Or–open doors.

Tria® Composite Interior Doors

JELD-WEN goes deeper than the surface of the exterior of the HGTV Dream Home. Tria® interior doors are fully customizable to give distinct looks to any and every part of your home. Elegant contours and precision carving make these doors truly unique, and offer a variety of panel options such as smooth, surface, glass, louver and even dry erase or chalkboard — amazing for kids’ rooms. Seamless and solid surface construction makes these doors equally easy to maintain as they are to customize.

For more about the HGTV Dream Home, and JELD-WEN’s role in making the dream a reality, check out HGTV’s website and keep an eye on HGTV for their new commercial.

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