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What Homeowners Should Know About Window Maintenance

What Homeowners Should Know About Window Maintenance

Keep your windows looking new with these tips!

All windows require maintenance. If you want your home’s windows to look their best, you are going to need to show them some attention. With proper care, your windows should last you several years and will be a nice feature to your residence. Here are a few things homeowners should know about window maintenance.


You want to be sure that there is always a tight seal around your windows at all times. Even the smallest gaps will cause you to lose heat from within. As a result, your home will be chillier, and you will be spending more on your utility bills every month. If your windows rubber seals are old, it is in your best interest to replace them to reduce the chance for air leaks. These seals prevent moisture from coming inside as well. Most people opt for caulk when sealing their windows.


When it comes to cleaning your home’s windows, it is crucial not to overcomplicate things. If you have wood windows, you should rely on just a damp cloth to clean the frames. If your windows are vinyl-framed or aluminum, you are best off using a mild detergent and a brush. Also, any glass cleaner should do the trick when you need to clean the surface of your windows.


Repainting your wood windows will not only enhance the curb appeal of your home, but it will also protect them as well. Quality paint will act as a barrier from moisture and other outside elements. Before you go and repaint your windows, you want to be sure you thoroughly clean them for optimum results. You also want to be sure to paint over any moving parts.

Fix/Replace Damaged Parts

It is always in your best interest to fix/replace any damaged parts of your windows as soon as you spot them. For example, any minor cracks or splinters will fester, and if you wait, you will have an even bigger problem on your hands.

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