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How Replacement Windows Can Lower Your AC Bill

Replacement Windows AC Bill

You’re probably thinking, “What do replacement windows have to do with my AC bill?”

You’ve just returned home from a busy afternoon at the farmer’s market. Your forehead is dripping with sweat, the whole world feels like a sauna, and you’re willing to pay just about any price for a moment of relief and the sweet purr of a running air conditioner. As you step through the front door of your home and a wave of dry, icy air smacks you in the face, you are filled with the purest joy. And then something less pleasant hits you. Reality sets in and you realize that every second of bliss is costing you precious dollars and cents.

This predicament is a familiar one, and getting out of it isn’t easy. This is where we turn our attention to replacement windows. You’re probably thinking, “What do replacement windows have to do with my AC bill?” Energy efficient replacement windows can help take your air conditioner from a money pit to a streamlined home-cooling masterpiece.

The Energy Efficiency Effect

So many homes are ill equipped to handle the intense heat and humidity that come with summertime. You start to dread the monthly delivery of your latest AC bill, and your body pumps with adrenaline every time you open the envelope. In all likelihood, you’re the owner of older windows that just don’t do their job to an acceptable level. Newer, energy efficient window models are designed to keep the heat outside where it belongs. Through the use of technologies like low-e glass, reflective coatings, and tinted glass, your windows will more effectively manage solar radiation. As a result, less heat will enter your home, and your AC won’t have to work as hard. You’ll be able to bask in the glory of your efficiently cooled home without the guilt and worry that goes along with an astronomical AC bill.

Replacement Window Installation

Window replacement isn’t just about the products you choose, it’s also about who installs them. Air leakage is a major problem that contributes greatly to the inefficiency of your air conditioner. Make sure that when it comes time for replacement window installation, you don’t drop the ball. Call on the best in the business to ensure that your windows are able to work hard for you and your AC bill.

Lower AC Bills with Architectural Window Supply

An ENERGY STAR® Partner since 1998, JELD-WEN is a recognized leader in manufacturing energy efficient products. JELD-WEN’s extensive line of products are sold globally through multiple distribution channels, including retail home centers, wholesale distributors and building products dealers, such as Architectural Window Supply. When you come to us for information and guidance, we’ll make sure you get what you need.

Want to know more about Replacement Windows? Call Architectural Window Supply at 410-266-5254 or visit our website for information about energy efficient windows and to order your new panes without pain.  Keep with us on Facebook and Twitter, too!

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