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How to Prevent Tree Damage to Windows

Damage to Windows

You stay out there where you belong, tree! And stay away from our windows!

After writing about window safety last week, we have something similar to talk about this week — the safety of your windows themselves. This Friday, April 29, is Arbor Day: a day to plant a tree, hug a tree, and talk about trees. While we’re all for the first two, we’re here to focus on the last bit there. Trees are great for the environment, and great to spruce up your home’s landscape, but can also pose problems if not properly watched and cared for. Here’s how you can prevent tree damage to windows.

Preventing Tree Damage to Windows

Trees can pose damage to both window panes and window frames. The best way to prevent tree damage to windows is to remain constantly vigilant for trees that look like they might want to cause some trouble. Here’s what to look out for and actions you can take.


  • Long limbs: Limbs that encroach on your home’s personal space are obviously most likely to cause damage. Whether it’s a strong gust of wind in a storm sending branches through the glass, or constant scraping against a window frame for a long period of time, it’s recommended to trim limbs away from your home to prevent any of this from happening.
  • Dead or decaying: Dead limbs make the limb-through-the-window scenario above much more likely, as they’ll more easily snap off in a hefty gust. Additionally, if the trunk of the tree has begun to die or decay at all, it’s more likely to fall over, in which case window damage may end up being the least of your concerns.
  • Meet mold: If your window frame or sill are collecting leaves or other tree-y debris, that debris can collect and trap moisture, making your wooden frames more likely to rot, or increasing the chance of mold growth on any surface (although wood is still most vulnerable).
  • Insect infestation: If tree limbs come in contact with your home, you could be providing a bridge for termites, carpenter ants, or other unpleasant invasions to crawl right up into your wood window frame.


Now that you know what to look for, take a walk around the outside of your home and make sure that you aren’t facing any potential tree damage to windows when the first serious storm of springtime rolls through. And remember, if anything does happen, you always have somewhere to turn for the best replacement window experience you could ask for.

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