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In With the New…What to Do With the Old? Tips for Repurposing Old Windows

repurposing old windows

Have a bunch of old windows lying around after your replacement window installation? What to do, what to do…

At Architectural Window Supply, we love to see your old windows go. You probably do too, with all the benefits that come from replacement windows. But now that they’re gone, what can you do in the way of repurposing old windows? Sure, you could repurpose them as “landfill contents,” but that’s no fun for anyone! Repurposing old windows can be fun and save you money. Here are a few ideas for recycling and reusing old windows after we’ve come and replaced them.

Arts and Crafts Time!

Repurposing old things is hip, right? Things like old pallets, shipping crates, barn doors, what have you — they can all be used to create something rustic-looking and decorative or useful, or all of the above! Sites like Pinterest can be great for drawing inspiration on your repurposing project. Here are a couple of ideas that we came up with.

  • For starters, your project can be as simple as decorating your old windows just for the sake of art! Painting the frames can recreate the visual design of the piece, and then things like wire mesh, canvas, or criss-crossing string can make it look interesting and unique. If you want to add a bit of function, there are plenty of options
  • As easy as it gets, your old window frame can easily be turned into a new picture frame. The old, weathered look can be a nice style feature.
  • Fit the frame over a chalkboard for a rustic organizational tool. If you window is big enough and had enough panes, you could create a calendar, or if it only had a few, it’ll be a nice looking design piece for making lists for groceries or chores.
  • If you liked the wire mesh idea above, take it a step further and turn your old window into an earring rack.
  • A DIY greenhouse might be the most functional of all the ideas we had, but also requires the most skill to actually accomplish. If everything is still structurally sound, you can use your old windows, panes and all, to create a funky looking greenhouse that captures and intensifies light.
  • If you’re worried about your craftsmanship in repurposing old windows, it can even be as easy as popping out the panes and sticking the frame on top of a dresser or a fireplace mantle, as a subtle and kitschy design piece.

Hopefully we’ve inspired you in some way, and if not, here’s a list of — believe it or not — 217+ ideas on what to do to repurpose old windows. Have fun crafting!

Repurposing Architectural Windows in Maryland

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