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Interior Door Trends in 2019

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Take note of the top interior door trends of 2019 and give your home’s design an update.

Although many homeowners do not give them much consideration, interior doors are just as crucial for the interior design and function of your home as the color of your walls or the material of your countertops. Not every door in the house has to look the same; interior doors can act as a supporting piece or even a focal point for a room’s overall aesthetic. Just like clothing, cars, and other methods of artistic expression, interior doors undergo noticeable shifts in style over time. Take note of the top interior door trends of 2019 and give your home’s design an update.

Clean Lines and Dark Colors

When people think of interior doors, they often think of the ubiquitous six-paneled, white-painted wooden doors that gained popularity a few decades ago. Many designers and homeowners are eschewing these styles in favor of fewer panels, clean lines, and darker colors. While dark colors will not work with every space, a deep wood stain or a dark paint can create a door that contrasts well with the rest of the room and brings attention to the home’s architecture and design. Doors that are integrated with glass panels, louvers, or other unusual elements can be a unique addition to any home, and some modern houses opt for doors that have no recessed panels whatsoever.

Heavy, Solid Interior Doors

Many homeowners are choosing to invest in quality materials for their interior doors in 2019. Heavy, solid wood doors are making a resurgence in popularity, and doors are even getting taller! Some folks are installing doors up to eight feet tall⁠ — over a foot taller than the standard size⁠ — to further draw attention to the architecture of their home. Solid wood materials and impressive finishes can lend an air of luxury to your space, and large doors can command attention and open up rooms.

Barn Doors

While some homeowners opt for barn doors that look like they are fresh off of a dairy farm, not all barn doors are rustic. Barn doors are simply doors that slide on a track rather than open on a hinge, and they are incredibly useful in small or awkward spaces. These doors are becoming more popular in interior applications, and they are ideal for doors with decorative touches as both sides are often easily visible. Consider installing barn doors in 2019, and call the professionals at Architectural Window Supply to see what creative options are available for your home’s new look.

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