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Which Interior Doors Are Right For My Home?

Which Interior Doors Are Right For My Home?

Interior doors can be an excellent way to transform your home!

Do you need new interior doors for your home? Maybe you just moved into a new residence and the interior doors are old and outdated. If you are looking for a way to spruce up or modernize your home, upgrading your doors can be a great solution. Here are just a few interior door options that you may want to consider for your home!

Sliding Doors

When most people think of sliding doors, they picture the ones that lead out into their backyard. However, they can be a great addition to the interior of your home as well! Sliding doors consist of at least two doors that are placed onto a track. If you are looking for an interior door option that doesn’t swing, they are an excellent option! The major drawback to this door option is that they do require a lot of space and therefore are not applicable in smaller entranceways.

French Doors

Are you looking for new doors that will make a bold statement in your home? French doors may be right for you! This classy option is composed of two doors that are hung by hinges on both sides of the entryway. They are distinct because each door swings towards the other. In many cases, they contain glass panels and decorative accents.

Pocket Doors

This style of door isn’t for everyone. They possess a retro look that some homeowners appreciate. This interior door option typically just one door that is mounted on an overhead track that slides inside of a wall. What makes this an appealing option is that the door parts are sometimes completely hidden. Pocket doors are a great option for rooms with limited space (example: closets).

Panel Doors

They have been an extremely popular option in homes in recent years. They typically contain rectangular patterns that range in size. Although they are generally rather basic in design, they can be customized to include glass and decorative accents.

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