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Is It Time to Replace the Front Door?

replace the front door

We had some fun with this post. Door jokes are just too much to handle. (We did it again!)

Knock, knock.

Who is it?


Botany who?

Botany new doors lately?

HA! We did it. We had to do it. Last week left us craving a horrible knock-knock joke — enough so that we had to come back this week with another blog post about doors. So last week we wrote about choosing a front door based on style and function, but how are you supposed to know if you need a new front door in the first place? Well first of all, obviously, if you want one then get one! But sometimes even if you like your old front door, it’s time to let it go. Keep reading and let us unlock the mystery of knowing when to replace the front door. (Heh…unlock. More door jokes. Pretend we’re funny.)

It’s Leaving Your Wallet Ajar

An old door will eventually start to degrade to the point where it’s harming your energy efficiency. Doors and windows are where the most heat transfer occurs in your home — whether it’s letting heat out during cooler months or in during the warmer months. Either way, you’ll be dealing with boosted energy bills until you get your old doors (or windows) replaced to fix the problem.

Handling Your Valuables

As a door begins to wear down, it starts becoming a security issue. The older and more frail it becomes, the easier it can be for a burglar to bust through. Newer doors are built tough and with more security features that older doors, making them a lot more reliable for protecting your home and everything inside of it.

Opening Up to Resale Value

If you think you might be selling your house in the next 5-10 years, it’s definitely a good idea to replace the front door. A new front door is like a face lift for your home, which boosts curb appeal and creates a fresh experience of entering your home for prospective buyers. And until you do sell, you’ll enjoy coming home to a shiny new door every day, too.

Replacing your front door doesn’t have to be a hassle. We’re here to make it an easy open-and-shut case (we swear that’s the last door joke) by helping you along the process and providing an excellent selection to choose from, as well as highly trained professional installation. If you think it’s time to replace your front door, we’d a-door a call. (We lied. That was the last door joke.)

Replacing Your Front Door in Maryland

Sure, we’re known for our windows, but we’re no slouches when it comes to doors, too!

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