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What You Should Know About Exterior Doors

What You Should Know About Exterior Doors

Are you in the market for new exterior doors?

Have you given any thought to replacing the exterior doors of your home? It is important to remember that your doors are one of the first things guests see when they enter your residence. They have a significant impact on the curb appeal of you home, so it is important that you don’t neglect them. If you are serious about upgrading your existing exterior doors, you are in luck! Here are a few things you should know before you begin your new door search!

Is It Time To Replace?

Many homeowners are unsure if they have reached the point where it is time to invest in new exterior doors. There are a few aspects that you are going to want to look for if you are in the same boat. For example, the more apparent signs of physical damage include cracks, rotting, warping, and scratches. In most cases, warping means it is time for a replacement. Another primary indicator is if your door is allowing air to get through and into your home. There is no sense in running your air conditioner if that cool air is going to escape out the doors. You could end up losing hundreds of dollars each year on your heating and cooling bills.

Which Type Of Door Is Right For Me?

When it comes to exterior doors for your home, you have three main options; wood, steel, and fiberglass. Wood doors can provide your home with a traditional and homey look; however, they may require some maintenance over the years. Steel is a strong and reliable option. They are also energy efficient and will save you money on your utility bills. Fiberglass is an attractive option because it has a similar appearance to wood, yet you won’t need to worry about maintenance as much. Also, fiberglass is an energy efficient option as well.

Don’t Neglect The Hardware

It is possible to enhance the appearance of a basic door by incorporating hardware to your door. Many homeowners are so fixated on the door itself, and they do not realize that doorbells, locks, knockers, mail slots, transoms, etc., can help to take your doors to the next level!

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