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How to Make a Sliding Glass Door Energy Efficient

sliding glass door

A sliding door that isn’t seated in its track properly will not be very energy efficient.

Sliding glass doors are great for easy access to and from porches, decks and backyards. Even during the colder months a glass door in great for beautiful views of the outdoors, all from the cozy comfort of your warm home. If your sliding glass door isn’t doing its part to keep your home energy efficient it might just need some maintenance, or it could be time for an upgrade.

Clean the Track

Anything in your door’s track is bad for your door. Stones or other small pieces of dirt can keep your door from closing completely, or damage the weatherstripping. Debris in the track can also keep your door from sitting on the track correctly, allowing cold air in.

Install New Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping is a vital part of keeping heat in and the cold out, or vice versa in the summer. The weatherstripping creats a seal around the door that is tighter than simply closing the door to the frame. If you notice that the weatherstripping has peeled off of the door or you feel cold air coming through, you should replace the stripping.

Replace and Old Door

If you have a sliding glass door that’s been in the house longer than you have, or has an obvious problem like a cracked window or damaged frame, you should replace the door. The glass in a new door will be much more energy efficient than the glass in an older door, and the new weatherstripping will create a better seal.

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