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What Makes a Window Energy Efficient?

Energy Efficient Window

What Makes a Window Energy Efficient?

You have heard the statistics before. New, energy efficient replacement windows can save you as much as $446.00 per year. ENERGY STAR qualified home saves up to 30% more energy than homes built to the national energy code, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). And so on and so forth.

To summarize, energy efficient windows can save you money, but what makes a window energy efficient?

What Makes a Window Energy Efficient?

According to estimates from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), your windows account for as much as 40% of your annual heating and cooling costs.

The right windows will not only protect you from the elements, but they will also protect your wallet from exorbitant energy bills. But you already knew that. What you want to know is how they do it?

Windows lose and gain heat by conduction, convection, radiation and air leakage. This transfer of heat is expressed with U-values, or U-factors. Unlike R-values, lower U-value indicates higher insulating value.

  • Conduction: Conduction is the movement of heat through a solid material. Energy efficient windows trap argon between panes of glass, helping to reduce conduction and improve insulation. Thermally resistant edge spacers and window frames reduce conduction, too.
  • Convection: Convection is another way heat moves through windows. This process can be slowed using multiple window panes, low-conductance gas fillings, thermally resistant frames, and warm edge spacers. These features raise inboard glass temperatures, slow convection and improve comfort.
  • Radiant Transfer: Radiant transfer is the movement of heat as long-wave heat energy from a warmer body to a cooler body. Radiant-heat loss can be greatly reduced with the use of Low-E glass.
  • Air Leakage: Air leakage through windows is responsible for roughly half of the average home’s energy loss. Well-designed and properly installed windows can greatly reduce air leakage.

Energy Star Rated JELD-WEN Windows from Architectural Window Supply

An ENERGY STAR® Partner since 1998, JELD-WEN is a recognized leader in manufacturing energy efficient windows. JELD-WEN’s extensive line of products are sold globally through multiple distribution channels, including retail home centers, wholesale distributors and building products dealers, such as Architectural Window Supply. For the past 20 years, we have been the go-to choice for homeowners, builders, and architects in Maryland who need personalized, knowledgeable service, high-quality, and energy efficient products.

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