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The Many Window Movement Methods

window movement methdos

There are plenty of options when it comes to window movement.

It’s almost here, that brief and beautiful time of year between the intense heat of summer and extreme cold of winter. It’s a time to give those air conditioning and heating units a rest and revel in the glory of fall. But do you have windows that will let you fully appreciate the crispest time of year, or will you miss out? Here’s a rundown of the different ways windows move and open, so you can pick the perfect replacement windows to help you enjoy fall.

  • Double-Hung: Both sections of a double-hung window are able to move up and down in the window frame. Since you can choose to open just the top section of the window, this is a great option for homes with lower set windows and adventurous children or pets. Each section tilts inward to make cleaning the outside of the window easier.
  • Single-Hung: Similar in appearance to a double-hung design, a single-hung window only allows the bottom portion to open. The top portion remains stationary.
  • Awning: Awning style windows are hinged at the top and push out from the bottom.
  • Sliding: Imagine a single-hung window on its side and you have a sliding window. A two sash construction, but one portion opens and one doesn’t.
  • Casement: A casement window is hinged on one side of the single sash. The sash pushes out from the opposite side, and allows for maximum ventilation since it is open from top to bottom.
  • Tilt and Turn: As the name suggests, this style is multifunctional. Think of it as a combination of a casement and awning style, except instead of being hinged at the top they are hinged at the bottom.

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