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How Much Money Can I Save with New Energy Efficient Windows?

Energy Efficient WindowsYou’ve heard the claims. Energy efficient windows will help reduce drafts and heat loss. Energy efficient windows will help make your home much more comfortable. And, perhaps most importantly, energy efficient windows will save you money on your energy bills. But just how much money are we talking. That’s what you want to know.

How Much Money Can I Save with New Energy Efficient Windows?

According to Energy Star, homeowners across the country who invest in replacement windows can expect to save as much as $446.00 per year on single pane windows and up to $59.00 per year on clear glass double pane windows. Here in the Baltimore-area, these numbers are closer to $263 and $93, respectively. In Washington DC, the estimates are $270 and $99, respectively.

Over the years, your new windows will pay for themselves. Now how many other home improvement projects can say that? Of course, you could always take that extra money and do something fun. Just think what you could do with an extra $263-$270 dollars a year. You could finally afford to take that Caribbean cruise you have always been dreaming of.

Plus, the return on investment of energy efficient windows is 75% to 125%. Very few home improvement projects have returns that high. That’s higher than bathroom remodeling (72.5%), major kitchen remodeling (74.2%), roof replacement (67.6%), and a new composite deck (74.3%).

JELD-WEN Windows: Aesthetically Pleasing and Energy Efficient

An ENERGY STAR® Partner since 1998, JELD-WEN is a recognized leader in manufacturing energy efficient products. JELD-WEN’s extensive line of products are sold globally through multiple distribution channels, including retail home centers, wholesale distributors and building products dealers, such as Architectural Window Supply.

For the past 20 years, we have been the go-to choice for homeowners, builders, and architects who need personalized, knowledgeable service, and high-quality products. When you come to us for information and guidance, we’ll make sure you get what you need.

If you have any questions about Energy Efficient Windows, or wish to schedule a free consultation, please contact Architectural Window Supply by calling 410-266-5254 or visit our website! You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well!

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