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What You Need To Know About Window Safety

What You Need To Know About Window Safety

There are always safety concerns when it comes to windows.

After a long winter of keeping the house closed up, it is refreshing to throw open the windows on a warm day. It is very tempting to enjoy the beautiful weather and be able to air out your house. However, you need to be careful, especially if there are children in the home! Windows can be beautiful, and they can be helpful to keep out some things you don’t want like insects and intruders, as well as offering emergency exit options. However, is important to realize that there are some serious safety concerns when if comes to windows. Here is what you need to know about window safety.

Screens Do Not Offer Protection

If you must open the windows, do not rely on screens for safety. Screens are designed to keep out pests like flies and mosquitoes; they are not strong enough to protect kids or keep them from falling.

Limited Opening

If you must open windows, be mindful of the risk that this poses to children. If you have double hung windows, open them from the top. Another option is to install windows which are designed to open only about 4 inches. You could also use window guards or stops to keep the window from opening all the way.

Play Areas

Children need to learn about safety, and you can start at home by making sure that they don’t play near open windows. Don’t place furniture near windows so children cannot climb up and possibly fall out. Make sure that there are no cords on window coverings.

Emergency Exits

Windows are an important part of your home’s emergency plan. Don’t nail or paint the windows shut. Avoid putting air conditioning units in windows that are designated as escape routes. Get specially designed collapsible ladders for each room on the second and third floors. Go over your plan so that everyone knows which windows to use if necessary, where the ladders are located, and how to use them, as well as where to meet once safely outside.

Safety Measures

Burglars look for easy ways to get inside a home. Unlocked windows can be a safety hazard for homeowners. Keep windows locked tight. Don’t give intruders a place to hide – keep any bushes and shrubs near the windows spaced apart and neatly trimmed. Consider installing window alarms and impact resistant glass to help guard against potential break-ins.

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