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Why Do You Need A Window in Your Bathroom?

bathroom window

A bathroom window will do more than just brighten up the room.

Windows are usually a main selling point of a house. How many there are, which direction they face, and what rooms have them and which don’t are a big consideration for many people looking to buy a home. A room you might not think to look but should definitely have a window in is the bathroom. Why is it important to have a window in your bathroom? Keep reading to find out.

Brighten It Up

Anyone who’s ever lived in a one-bedroom apartment can tell you just how terrible bathrooms without windows can be. They’re dark and feel uncomfortably small. A window will let in natural light no matter what direction it’s facing, and can help make a small bathroom feel much larger.

Fight Mold

Sunlight and fresh air are the best ways to fight mold growth in a damp area. Steamy showers can leave a bathroom damp and prime for mold growth. While the best way to prevent mold is a strong exhaust fan, not all bathrooms have that option. A window in your bathroom will give you a way to stymie mold growth if you don’t have great air circulation.

Room with a View

While it might sound a little strange, a window in the bathroom will give you a view to the wider world. Most bathroom windows are textured or strategically placed so that you can see out and no one can see in. This can go a long way to making a small bathroom seem bigger and can be a huge plus if you have a tub you like relaxing in.

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