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New Construction Windows are an Energy Efficient Option

New Construction Windows

New construction windows and replacement windows are two of the best-energy efficient options money can buy.

New construction windows and replacement windows are two of the best-energy efficient options money can buy.

While most homeowners are familiar with replacement windows, few people actually know that new construction windows aren’t exclusive to newly built homes.

New Construction Windows

New construction windows are generally used for newly built homes, but you can also use them for a preexisting house. The key difference, however, is that new construction windows require more work to install than replacement windows. For new construction windows, the frame and sashes need to be replaced. Most homeowners don’t mind paying for upgrade, however, as new construction windows provide a new option inside and out.

Increasing Your Home’s Value through Energy Efficient Windows

Any realtor will tell you that this isn’t a market for “fixer uppers”. Homebuyers want to purchase a house that doesn’t require extensive work or have a need for a lot of repairs down the road. A major turn off for homebuyers is old windows with cracked or damaged frames. With new construction windows, you won’t have to worry about that problem. In fact, you can highlight the fact that you have energy efficient windows as a selling point.

New Construction Windows Improve Energy Efficiency

Older windows can cause your heating bill to skyrocket during the fall and winter months. Your older windows have a harder time preventing cold air from entering your home, which means your heater has to work overtime to keep you warm. In the summer, you could also have the problem of your windows letting in too much of the sun’s rays and forcing your air conditioning unit into overdrive. With new construction windows, you can add value to your home and lower your energy bills all at the same time. Plus, you’ll have amazing looking windows!

New Construction Windows in Maryland

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