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New Windows Inspiration: Wooden Windows

When deciding on new windows for a home, there are several things to take into account. What style windows would look best? What color windows are needed? What’s the best material? You’ll find plenty of information on each of your options online, and today we’ll be the source of information for wooden windows.11024715_875230252527042_8960553370684898935_n

Wooden windows are a stylish, economical option for many new windows applications. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of choosing wooden windows for your project.

Wooden windows are versatile

Virtually any style or color you could want for wooden windows is possible. The exteriors can be primed for paint of any color, and they are available in a very large range of styles. When searching for new windows that will fit well with any home, these are a top option. Aluminum and wood cladding are also available as versatile wooden windows options.

A low maintenance new windows choice

Given their durability, wooden windows are a great low maintenance option, especially clad-wood windows. They last an amazingly long time, and just the glazing alone generally has a warranty of around 20 years, depending on the supplier. You won’t have to worry about replacing or repairing your new windows frequently when choosing a wood option.

Distinctive style

Many wooden windows can be made-to-order for a unique style customized to complement your home. For true personalization in your new windows, wood is the best option. The best way to boost curb appeal on a home is to install unique new windows that complement the home, and set it apart from other homes.

Doing research to find out which option for new windows is best for you is a great first step. There are many different advantages for each window type, so deciding which options are most advantageous for your project is important. If you’ve decided wooden windows sounds like the best option, call Architectural Window Supply to get started!

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