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Noise Reduction with JELD-WEN Replacement Windows

Replacement WindowsAre you tired of waking up every Saturday morning to the sound of your neighbor mowing his lawn? Seriously, who mows their lawn at 8 am on a Saturday? You grab your pillow and place it over your head, hoping to drown out the noise. But that is no way to sleep. There has to be a better way…

Noise Reduction with JELD-WEN Replacement Windows

Believe it or not, your windows play a big role in noise reduction. And while older windows may let you hear everything happening in the world around you, newer JELD-WEN Replacement Windows can help you block out the noise and finally sleep in like you so desperately want.

Dual-Pane Windows vs. Triple-Pane Windows

Three panes have to be better than two, right? Well, not quite. Research has shown that triple-pane windows have smaller airspaces between panes. These smaller airspaces are “less optimal for sound control and often create a reverberation in the sound waves that amplifies the sound level and cancels out any beneficial effects a third pane of glass provides,” according to JELD-WEN. Because of this, the average triple-pane window has an Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating similar to the average dual-pane window with dissimilar glass.

A standard dual-pane window has an STC rating between 27 and 34.

Dissimilar Glass

Standard dual-pane windows consist of two panes of the same thickness. Dissimilar glass refers to a window with two panes of glass that are different thicknesses. Each pane is a dissimilar unit targets a different sound frequency. One pane targets higher frequencies, while another targets lower frequencies. The end result is an STC rating higher than a window with standard dual-pane glass.

Laminated Glass

In some cases, laminated glass can boost a window’s STC rating by one point.

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