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Historic Home New Windows

historic home

Replacing these old windows with new ones that match your home’s architecture is no small feat.

Last week, we tried to dissuade you from installing storm windows over older windows. Hopefully we succeed and now you’re looking for the perfect new windows to install in your historic home. Like any renovation project, there are some guidelines to finding the right windows for your historic home. Original design, preservation issues, and modern compatibility all need to be considered before purchasing your new windows. Here are a few tips to help make the renovation process a little smoother!

Do Your Homework

An important first step is figuring out when your home was built, and what kind of styles were prevalent then. What materials were used? What colors were popular? Check local historical societies, or even the library to see if they have any records that will help you find out what your home looked like in its heyday.

Historic Preservation

If your home is on the National Register of Historic Places, there may be some strict rules about what exactly you can do when remodeling your home. On the other hand, many registered historic places are eligible for grants, special mortgage loans, tax credits, or a preservation easement. Check with your state’s Historic Preservation Office for information on local building codes and other resources.

Modern Compatibility

Finding a window that fits with the architectural style of your home can be tough. Getting a first-hand look at new windows in a showroom and working with a knowledgeable salesperson is a great way to get a feel for how they would fit with your home’s architecture. A salesperson can help with finding a style that looks great throughout the entire house and matching aspects of the original windows, which can be a stipulation of some grants. Plus, new windows with the latest energy saving technology will really cut down on that energy bill.

Check out Architectural Window Supply’s Showroom

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