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The Problem with Storm Windows

storm windows

Why install storm windows when you can replace them with beautiful energy efficient new windows?

If your windows are older, you’re probably aware of the energy savings you’re missing out on. New windows offer huge energy saving benefits, and replacing old windows gives you an opportunity to revamp your home’s look, inside and out. If you’re worried about investing in new windows, you might have considered storm windows as a cheaper alternative. Storm windows might work as a temporary fix in some situations, but they’ll never hold up to new windows. Keep reading to find out why!

What Are They?

Storm windows have the same purpose as storm doors, except they are much less common. This type of window is installed on the outside of a window frame, usually on a much older home. In some very particular situations, storm windows are still used to protect antique windows from the elements. The homeowner usually opts to cover the original windows with storm windows because the originals are very old, antique windows that have some type of historical value.

Are They Worth It?

The short answer is no. First of all, you’ll never get the energy saving benefits of new windows with an antique windows and storm windows combination. Second, storm windows can ruin the look of your home since they are installed in front of your existing windows. Finally, condensation can form between the storm window and regular window which can be difficult to dry out.

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