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Protect Your New Windows with Storm Shutters

storm shutters

Colonial style storm shutters look great and help protect your windows.

Hurricane season in Maryland officially started on June 1, and with it comes the threat of flying debris and high winds that could damage your windows. We’ve already had a tornado watch in Baltimore this week, and in Howard County a tornado touched down for nearly 13 miles. If you’re worried about protecting your investment, consider having shutters installed at your home. Here are the three most common types of shutters, and their respective pros and cons.

Colonial Shutters

Colonial shutters are usually what people think of when talking about shutters. Hinged at the side, they swing out to allow a completely unobstructed view when not in use. When the time comes, you simply pull the shutters closed and latch them to protect your windows. Colonial shutters are usually made of wood, and may be installed for purely cosmetic reasons. While they do protect your windows, the material used for colonial shutters is not as strong as other kinds of shutters.

Bahama Shutters

Like colonial shutters, bahama shutters are always visible and stay on year round. These shutters prop up like an awning when not in use. Since they are hinged at the top, instead of the side like colonial shutters, they partially obstruct the view from your windows. Bahama shutters are made from a variety of materials, so they can make nearly any home.

Rolling and Accordion Shutters

These shutters offer the highest level of protection, and are usually only necessary in places where extreme storms are common. Rolling shutters are installed above a window and retract around a center reel when not in use, while accordion shutters bunch up out of the way to the side of a window. These types of shutters are made from a strong type of aluminum and are often used for security purposes.

Call ArchWin to Discuss Storm Shutters for Your Home

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