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How to Remove Decoration Residue

how to remove decoration residue

Don’t get stuck scrubbing the windows when the kids start knocking!

Halloween is right around the corner and you’re probably getting ready to make your house as spooky as possible to celebrate. Since windows make up a good portion of your home’s exterior, it’s tempting to decorate them in festive ways. Unfortunately, in order to do that you’ll probably have to use some type of tape or other adhesive to get the decorations to stay up. Tape, glass decals, and other decorations can leaves a sticky unsightly residue on your windows. If your grand decorating plans include your windows, you might need these tips on how to remove decoration residue.

Don’t Do It!

Our first piece of advice would be to avoid  the situation completely and alter your decorating plans to exclude your windows. Sure, it’s tempting to just throw some decals on the windows and a pumpkin by the door and call it a day but it’s not worth risking your windows. While most adhesive will come off after a few passes, you run the risk of particularly finicky adhesive refusing to leave your window.

No Scraping!

You might think that you can just grab something with a sharp edge and scrap that adhesive right off. You might be right, but there’s a huge risk of scratching the window. No matter how gentle you are, a hard metal edge will leave marks on window glass.

Nail Polish Remover

One of the best tools for removing adhesive from glass is an acetone-based nail polish remover. Moisten a paper towel with nail polish remover and start trying to wipe away the adhesive. You may have to work the adhesive in different directions to come off the window entirely. Once the majority of the adhesive has been removed, use warm soapy water to get up any remaining residue. Repeat until all of the adhesive is gone.

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