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Do Replacement Windows Make Sense Before Summer?

Replacement Windows Summer

Do Replacement Windows Make Sense Before Summer?

The timing of installing replacement windows is actually a little more important than most people realize.

With snow in our rearview mirror, now is the time to start planning for the summer, while simultaneously recovering from the winter. Unfortunately for many homeowners, this can also be a confusing time on deciding when to install replacement windows. Is it better to install replacement windows in the spring or summer?

Replacement Windows Before the Summer

While the weather is relatively cool and tolerable, it can be beneficial to install replacement windows during the spring. During the window replacement process, there will be a time period where you do not have a window in place. If this work takes place during the summer, that means you will be letting hot air into your home. This will negate the effects of your air conditioning, and can cause unpleasantness.

Cost Savings & Security

If you have an older window, it is generally not as energy efficient as a newer window. Without a proper airtight seal, blistering heat from the sun will start leaking into your home. The more you run your air conditioning, the more it will cost you. Instead of dealing with this problem in the middle of the summer, older homes can really benefit from replacement windows in the spring. Aside from letting extra heat into your home, older windows also provide less security. It can be easier for an intruder to find a way into your home through an older window, but replacement windows can help you sleep better at night, knowing your family has proper protection.

Increase Your Home’s Value with Replacement Windows

An additional benefit of installing replacement windows is that it helps to increase the value of your home. Will replacement windows could be installed in the summer, a homeowner is able to enjoy the many benefits of replacement windows year round. Your home is an investment, and for it to maintain the value you feel it deserves, installing replacement windows is a great step in protecting your investment.

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