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Replacing your Windows: A Baltimore Window Supplier explains the Benefits

Is your home is desperate need of new windows, but you keep putting off the project because of the high price tag? Well, you are not alone. Each and every day, homeowners just like you opt to stick with their outdated windows instead of spending the money on replacement windows. But what if I told you that this decision could be costing you money?

Benefits of Replacement Windows

1. Aesthetic Appeal: First and foremost, replacement windows just look good! And if you are expecting to sell your home in a few years, replacement windows can be a huge selling point.

2. Increased Home Value: Replacement windows are a great way to increase the value of your home. In fact, replacement windows have a typical return on investment anywhere from 75-125%. Not too shabby, huh?

3. Better Energy Efficiency: Are your energy bills rather high? Well, have you considered replacing your windows? Replacing older windows with ENERGY STAR qualified windows could save you as much as $450 annually in terms of energy costs.

4. Improved Security: Impact-resistant glass and improved locking mechanisms make for much more secure windows.

5. Reduced Noise: Tired of your neighbor waking you up on Saturday morning because he is mowing his lawn? Instead of putting that pillow over your head every weekend, consider replacing your windows. Some replacement windows can reduce the transmission of sound by as much as 50%.

Do you still think replacement windows aren’t worth the investment?

Architectural Window Supply: Your Baltimore Window Supplier

When your windows need to be replaced, Architectural Window Supply is the clear choice. We carry the highest quality windows from the top brands, including Jeld-Wen, Norwood, and Belisle. Everything Architectural Window Supply sells is offered at affordable prices that include measuring, ordering, and delivery right to your home.

Architectural Window Supply is here to answer questions you may have!

If you have any further questions about Replacement Windows or if you wish to schedule a free consultation, please contact Architectural Window Supply by calling 410-266-5254 or visit our website!

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