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Save Energy this Summer with a New Door

energy efficient new door

An energy efficient door can be the final piece to lowering your energy bill.

Most of the buzz surrounding energy efficiency focuses on replacing old windows, but what about your door? While it’s true that your doors have a smaller impact when it comes to saving energy, a new door can be the final touch to a truly energy efficient home. We’ve talked about how to know when it’s time to replace the front door, but what should you look for when shopping for an energy efficient door?

Heat Transfer

Heat transfer happens when there’s too much space between your door and the frame, and it ends up letting out all that pricey air conditioning in the summer, and expensive heat in the winter. You’re not paying to cool off the whole neighborhood, right dad? A new door will seal better than an older one and help keep your energy bills down and your home cool and comfy.

All Panel vs. Glass Panel

First, an unnecessary primer: All panel doors are solid wood, with any number of panels, while glass panel doors replace a section of the wood with, you guessed it, glass. An all panel door will keep direct sunlight out and A/C in more efficiently, but doesn’t offer a view or the look some people prefer. If you decide to purchase a glass panel door, look for double or triple pane, low emissivity glass for the most energy efficiency.

You Could be Eligible For a Tax Credit

Buying an Energy Star certified door comes with the possibility of a federal, state or local tax break. Pair your door with new energy efficient windows, and you’ll really see the savings start to pile up. You can find all the ways making your home energy efficient can save you money here.

Find the Right Door with Help from the Professionals at ArchWin

Architectural Window Supply knows that windows and doors say a great deal about the people living behind them. That’s why, for the past 20 years, Architectural Window Supply has been the go-to choice for homeowners, builders, and architects who need personalized, knowledgeable service. Architectural Window Supply works is an authorized dealer for leading brand names of upscale doors, such as Tradewood and JELD_WEN. For more information, or to schedule an appointment to visit the showroom, please call us at 410-266-5254, or visit our website for more information.

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