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Shopping for Replacement Windows: A Stress-Free Guide


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There’s a lot to consider when looking to buy replacement windows.

Any type of home improvement project, whether it’s as simple as repainting a room or a painstaking as a full renovation, comes with plenty of stress. Once you finally commit to the idea of the project, the first of these stressors is almost always the painstaking process of actually deciding on what you’ll need to buy to accomplish your goal. When it comes to replacement windows, this means window shopping. Unfortunately, not the type of window shopping where you walk down the street and peek eagerly through storefronts — this is the type where you have to figure out which window supplier you’ll use, what type of replacement windows you’ll buy, and how to have them installed. The guidelines below will hopefully help ease some of that stress as you embark on your project.

Be Yourself

Keep your needs and your family’s needs in mind. Do you have small children or pets that will be reaching for blinds, shades, or pull-strings? Is there a particular view or style that you want to achieve? Does the region you live in experience significant cold or heat? Each of these things are important things to keep in mind when choosing replacement windows.

Be Inspired

Home style magazines and sites like Houzz or Pinterest are great for drawing inspiration for your replacement windows. You might also have luck at a window supplier’s showroom, or even a friend or family member’s house.

Be Informed

Research is key to all major decisions, and this is no exception. Looking online is a good first step, but going to local window supplier showrooms or home improvement stores to see styles and designs up close will really inform you as to what really suits your taste.

Be Budgeted

Home improvement projects are going to be a significant investment. Knowing that going in will help you set up a budget for the project and prioritize what matters most to you. Budgeting even before you start your search will likely save time and frustration. Don’t forget to factor in additional costs like installation.

Be Ready

Whether you’re the DIY type or you’re planning on hiring a professional installer, speaking with a window expert will round out any information you might need and soothe any concerns you might have.

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