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The Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy: Shopping for New Windows in Maryland

Whether you are forced to shop for new windows as a result of the destructive forces of Hurricane Sandy or you are just searching for new windows because yours are old and in need of replacement, there are several things you need to know.Reasons to buy Replacement Windows

1. Replacement Windows have a great ROI: According to a “Remodeling versus Value Report” conducted by the National Association of Realtors, exterior home improvement projects, such as replacement windows, have an average return on investment of 69%.

2. Replacement Windows are Energy Efficient: If your windows are older, you may be spending too much money on your monthly energy bills. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, non-energy efficient windows can account for between 10% and 25% of your heating bill.

Tips for Shopping for Replacement Windows

1. Energy Efficient Windows: It is important to pay attention to the energy efficiency of your potential replacement windows. To accomplish this, familiarize yourself with the ENERGY STAR rating system.

2. Maintenance: While wooden windows are aesthetically appealing, they also bring with them a ton of annual maintenance. Because of this, vinyl windows are skyrocketed in popularity over the years. Plus, vinyl windows tend to be more energy efficient, as well. 

3. Frame Construction: A quality window frame is more important than you may think. The best frames will have fusion welded corners, adding durability, and will help reduce noise pollution and improve security.

4. Glass Technology: Double and triple paned windows are much more energy efficient than older single pane windows. These newer windows boast better “U-Value” or “U-Factors” which represent the rate heat transmits through a window. The lower the U rating test number, the more energy efficient the window.

5. Cost vs. Quality: Don’t fall into the age old trap of buying the cheapest window. You must find the perfect balance between cost and quality.

Architectural Window Supply: Your Baltimore, Maryland Source for Replacement Windows

To ensure that you choose the best window for your home, come to Architectural Window Supply! Our window experts show you the many options available from our numerous suppliers and will help point you in the right direction.

If you have any further questions about Replacement Windows or if you wish to schedule a free consultation, please contact Architectural Window Supply by calling 410-266-5254 or visit our website!

When your windows need to be replaced, or you’re searching for the perfect window for your new home, Architectural Window Supply is the clear choice. Besides custom windows, we have access to a wide range of windows that are constructed of virtually any material, from vinyl to high-end windows made with mahogany!

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