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The Energy Efficiency Benefits of Replacement Windows

Energy Efficiency Replacement WindowsSummer is well on its way, and with that comes extreme heat, the constant blast of the air conditioning unit, and higher utilities bills. While there can be many factors that lead to a high utility bill, windows are one of the less commonly addressed issues, leading people to forget how windows can contribute to energy efficiency (or inefficiency as the case may be.)

More specifically, older glass windows with single panes can be energy inefficient and let heat and cool air escape equally. When air escapes, your HVAC unit has to work even harder to maintain a steady temperature in the house, adding to those units of consumption that drive up your energy bill. Replacement windows to make your home more energy efficient can go a long way to reducing cost. Instead of letting air out, it keeps air in and at the temperature you want it at, making it so your HVAC unit has less work to do to maintain your home’s temperature. In fact, choosing Energy Star® qualified replacement windows can save you as much as 15% annually on your household energy bills.

Replacement windows also have one of the highest returns on investment on any home improvement project: 80%. They can make your home look better, instantly bump up your curb appeal, and drive up the value of your home. Should you decide to eventually sell your home in the near future, the combination of curb appeal and energy efficiency makes your home an instantaneous attraction to prospective homebuyers. It also guarantees you will get a fair asking price for your home.

To get started on your energy efficient replacement windows, contact us at 410-266-5254. Summer can be a busy time of year for window replacement professionals, so call us today!

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