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The Evolution of the Shutter: Wood Shutters, Vinyl Shutters, & More!

There was a time when almost every exterior shutter was made of wood. Oh how the times have changed. Today, shutters come in all types of materials, including vinyl, aluminum, urethane, fiberglass, and, of course, wood.

Types of Shutters and their Benefits

  • Vinyl Shutters: Traditionally the cheapest option on the market, vinyl shutters are purely decorative. They attach to the home in a fixed, open position and rarely ever require maintenance.
  • Urethane Shutters: These shutters are molded using lightweight foam and, like vinyl shutters, are also purely decorative and do not open or close. They do, however, tend to look more like natural wood than vinyl shutters.
  • Wood Shutters: Unlike most of the other shutters we will be addressing, wood shutters require a lot of maintenance. However, unlike the first two types of shutters we have discussed, wood shutters are actually functional.
  • Aluminum Shutters: These shutters are not often chosen for their aesthetic properties. Instead, aluminum shutters are most often used for storm and hurricane protection.
  • Extira Composite Shutters: These composite shutters offer many of the advantages of wood without the constant hassle of annual maintenance. Extira is a material that will withstand the elements. These shutters can be either installed as decorative or functional shutters.
  • Fiberglass Shutters: These composite shutters are built to withstand even the harshest environments.

Which are the right shutters for you?

Shutters and Architectural Window Supply

When you visit Architectural Window Supply, our shutter experts sit down and review your plans so we can provide the very best advice and options for you. Our knowledge and experience are key when it comes to choosing the right shutter.

The shutter selection at Architectural Window Supply includes a wide variety of makes and models using advanced materials and finishes. Besides acting as an aesthetic compliment, several of our shutters are fully functional and hurricane storm-rated. They’ll protect your home and your family when the weather gets rough.

If you have any questions about Shutters or wish to schedule a free consultation, please contact Architectural Window Supply by calling 410-266-5254 or visit our website!

Since 1995, Architectural Window Supply, Inc. has been the premier supplier of custom wood windows and doors in the Baltimore/Washington area. We offer a vast array of custom window and door options that give a stylish, sophisticated look to any residential home or commercial building.

We base our business on the principles of courtesy, quality and service as well as a solid knowledge of our products!

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Would Your Shutters Be Wood Shutters? 

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