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The Ultimate Window Cleaning Life Hack

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News flash! This window cleaning life hack will change your definition of clean.

There are few things worse than filthy windows. One of those worse things might be when you think you just cleaned your windows perfectly, only to sit down and find that one sneaky fingerprint, dog-nose smudge, or messy streak that ruins your immaculate glass surface. Next time you go to clean-attack your windows, try this awesome window cleaning life hack that will absolutely shatter everything you thought you knew about window cleaning.

Extra, Extra! Read All About It!

That was your first hint. Here’s your second hint, and this one might give it away: it’s newspaper. That’s right, newspaper is the answer to all your window cleaning woes. How exactly does this witchcraft work, you may ask? Well we’re going to tell you, keep your shirt on! Here’s how you can get perfectly spotless, streakless, clean-as-a-whistle windows every time thanks to newspaper and vinegar. (Yes, vinegar. Stay tuned!)

The Ultimate Window Cleaning Life Hack

So. Newspaper and vinegar you say? That’s right, we said it. To get started, create a solution of equal parts white vinegar and tap water in a spray bottle. Now you may think that the ink from the newspaper will get spread all over your glass when it gets wet. Well, you’re right! (To an extent.) It’s best not to use pages that are heavily saturated in colored ink when you’re doing this, but any page that’s all black and white or mostly text will work perfectly. This is due to the differing chemical compositions and printing processes between black & white and color. That black and white print, though, actually works as a super subtle abrasive scrubber that definitely won’t scratch the glass.

Alright so you’ve got your vinegar solution and your black and white newspaper. Just give the windows a spritz, and wipe away in whatever sorts of vertical, horizontal, or circular motions that make you happy. Be careful not to touch any vinyl window frames or sashes with the newspaper as you do this, because the vinyl is more likely to get smudged with ink. Wipe away until the cleaning solution is all dried up, and then step back to watch all that sunlight pour into your home through your immaculately clean windows.


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